Have you ever regretted getting that tattoo done? As much as there’s peer pressure to get one, there’s also a personal decision to get that colorful thing called a tattoo off your skin. A Harris Poll of 2016 clearly claims that 1 in 4 people has at least one tattoo.

If that’s the frequency with which people are getting tattoos inscribed on their bodies, then imagine the equal desire to get them off, or possibly, replace them. Look no further, there is an answer. In the crowded tattoo removal era, a new and advanced tattoo disappearance technique has evolved.

You can now get rid of an image on your body with a process called “Cutera Enlighten Laser”. This has the means to wipe out (using specified laser pulses) all ink hues, even those with ranging ink particle sizes (and densities) – in a reduced number of sittings. Additionally, the vitality of the skin is assured, as lesions caused by unwanted colors are also removed.