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Archive for March, 2024

Brown Spot Removal for All Skin Types: Inclusivity in Skin Treatments

Close up Asian man face with freckles dark spots from uv light

Today, more people of color are visiting dermatologists for skin care that treats their unique concerns. People of European, Asian, African, East Indian, Middle Eastern, and Hispanic descent have a diverse range of skin tones in shades ranging from fair to dark. Many doctors are learning to recognize and treat skin conditions in multicultural clientele […]

Tattoo Removal with Enlighten at Tallahassee Plastic Surgery

  Why Choose Enlighten™ for Tattoo Removal? Enlighten picosecond laser represents the pinnacle of laser tattoo removal technology, offering a safe, effective, and relatively painless solution to erase unwanted tattoos. Unlike traditional laser systems, the system features dual pulse durations and three wavelength capabilities, allowing it to target and shatter ink particles more efficiently and […]

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