The Enlighten Laser provide fast (picosecond and nanosecond) high tech results. This industry leading pulse energy laser has the ability to shatter the pigment particles of unwanted tattoos into tiny pieces making the process faster, safer, more efficient, and less painful than other tattoo removal treatments. People who haven’t seen results with other laser treatments, come to the Enlighten Laser and see results. Tattoo removal treatment can take approximately four treatments, though more or less many be needed depending on the size and color of the tattoo.

If you have a tattoo that you have outgrown and are tired of feeling self-conscious about it, contact our office to schedule your consultation today to learn if the Enlighten Laser Tattoo Removal may be right for you. Come see the Enlighten Laser Tattoo Removal difference today! At Tallahassee Plastic Surgery Clinic we are committed to bringing you the highest level of care possible.